Arendal KrF

1st candidate
Arendal KrF

Øystein Olsen Krogstad

2nd candidat
Arendal KrF
Ingebjørg Berstad Torp

3rd candidat
Arendal KrF
Åse Høiås Nilsen

4th candidat
Arendal KrF

Ole Glenn Tvermyr

8 good reasons to vote for KrF

KrF has been, and will continue to be a predictable partner for businesses.

KrF has been working for and will continue to stribe for increased support and colaboration with volunteer- and non-profit organisations, as well as the religious communities.

KrF will work towards all residents having a functional and safe accomodation with a resonable rent. Together with developers, we will facilitate a variation in new housing projects.

The municipality will, together with the individual resident, plan for å safe and predictable old age. This includes both physical, psychological, social and religious needs, regardless of you live in your own home or in a care home.

All children will have the help and support they need to have a safe home, school/pre-school and leisure time. Early intervention, especially in the child’s first 1000 days will be prioritised. 

KrF will continue to make Arendal a municipality supportive of all religions, where the individual resident can experience that their belief is respected and appreciated. 

As a local community, we will take our part of the responsibility for nature, the climate, refugees and other global challenges.

Our core values are based on the Bibel, the Christian cultural heritage and the basic human rights and are rooted in the Christian view of humanity, compassion and stewardship responsibility.

Contact information

Phone:  99 74 27 33